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How to convert binary to text

Binary is a very useful number system that is used to represent data, text or to execute instructions in a computer system. Converting binary to text is a simple process that can be done automatically with an online platform, or simply by performing the necessary calculations.

Computers understand binary, that is, ones and zeros.

What is a binary system?

Binary is a two-digit system, where any data or text number is represented by ?0? or ?1?. In the binary system two numbers are used, while other systems such as decimal use 10, or hexadecimal where 16 are used.

What are the uses of binary?

Binary numbers are used primarily in the following:

  • In microprocessor programming.
  • In security systems for data encryption.
  • To transmit information between two computer systems or devices.
  • To establish digital communication protocols in computing.
  • In the programming of any electronic device.
  • As a type of field in database and type of data in programming.

How to convert binary to text?

You need to use the ASCII table to pass a binary number to text, but what is an ASCII table?

What is an ASCII table?

Computers only understand numbers, that is binary (ones and zeros). To facilitate programming, an ASCII table was developed where each text character corresponds to a binary number. In this way, computers can translate and understand human language.

A few examples of ASCII table correspondences are:

  • R = 01110010 = 114.
  • + = 01001011 = 75.
  • 7 = 01010111 = 87.
  • ? = 01011111 = 95.
  • @ = 01100000 = 96.

To convert from binary to text, you have two options: you can use an online converter, or you can do it manually.

How to convert binary to text manually

We must use the ASCII table to convert an 8-bit binary number to text (8 digits). We divide the binary number into blocks of eight digits and look for its equivalence in the ASCII table.

The best way to see how to convert from binary to text is with an example. To convert the binary number 01110000011011000110000101111001 to text we must divide it into blocks of 8, and we would have: 01110000 01101100 01100001 01111001.

Now, we must query these four binary numbers in the ASCII table to pass them to text:

  • 01110000 = P
  • 01101100 = L
  • 01100001 = A
  • 01111001 = Y

Therefore, the binary number 01110000011011000110000101111001 corresponds to the text PLAY.

How to convert binary to text online automatically

There are many free web portals that can be used to convert from binary to text. On it is possible to use a binary to text converter tool in a very simple way: it is only necessary to enter the binary number and click on the convert button, to immediately obtain its equivalent in text.

As we have seen, converting binary to text is very easy using the ASCII table. There are other equivalence tables between binary and text such as UNICODE. Depending on the country, a table type must be used for the binary to text conversion.

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