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Easily + instantly convert columns of data to comma separated lists of data using our free online tool. Converting a spreadsheet of data to a comma-delimited list of values (CSV) is now easier than ever.

Column to comma separated list (CSV) converter

Do you work with spreadsheets? If so, you are surely an Excel / Google Sheets / Open Office expert. When working with one of these tools, you may sometimes have the need to convert a column of data to a comma-separated list of items. Doing this "mannually" can be time consuming, but our powerful online converter does all the work for you, as it will automatically convert a column of text or data into a CSV (comma-separated values) or list. Still not using it?

How to convert a column of data to a comma separated list with our tool

Use our comma separator tool to convert column lists to comma-separated value (CSV) lists with ease (and free). You just need to follow the instructions:

  • Step 1: Copy the column of text in Excel / Google Sheets you want to convert.
  • Step 2: Paste it in the left text box above and instantly get the comma separated list of items in the right text box. BOOM!
  • Step 3: Copy the comma separated list and use it wherever you want.
  • Step 4: Do you need to convert more columns of data? Go on, this tool is 100% FREE.

Benefits of using this comma separator online software

  • This converter is 100% free and does not require user registration
  • The tool works automatically, without even having to click.
  • Convert as many columns as you want simply, quickly and for free.
  • The time to convert Excel columns to comma separated lists has come!

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Using this column to comma separated list converter tool is 100% free. Feel free to use it as many times as you need, and to share this separator with friends and family. It works awesome to convert Excel columns into items separated by commas (CSV).