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How to convert decimal to binary

There are different methods to convert a decimal number to a binary one. Although today there are many ways to perform this calculation automatically, it is interesting to know some of the existing processes to perform this conversion.

To go from decimal to binary it is as simple as dividing the number by two and writing down in a column 0 if the result is even, and 1 if the result is odd, carrying out this process in all phases of the division.

The conversion steps are:

  • First, divide the number by 2.
  • In the next iteration, get the integer quotient.
  • Note the remainder for the binary digit.
  • Repeat again the process until the quotient is equal to 0.
  • Finally, order binary digits to get the result.

Decimal to binary examples

Let's see some examples so that the process of converting decimal into binary can be understood more easily.

We have the decimal number 77 and we want to convert it into binary, so we will divide it by 2, and at each division step we will assign 1 and 0, depending on whether the result is odd or even.

  • 77 / 2 = 77 is an odd number = 1
  • 38 / 2 = 38 is an even number = 0
  • 19 / 2 = 19 is an odd number = 1
  • 9 / 2 = 9 is an odd number = 1
  • 4 / 2 = 4 is an even number = 0
  • 2 / 2† = 2 is an even number = 0
  • 1 / 2 = 1 is an odd number = 1

Putting in order the 0 and 1 generated, we get the result of converting the number 77 to binary, 1001101.

In another example, we can better understand the process of this decimal to binary conversion method. We are going to calculate the binary number that corresponds to the decimal number 120.

  • 120 / 2 = the quotient is an even number = 0
  • 60 / 2 = the quotient is an even number = 0
  • 30 / 2 = the quotient is an even number = 0
  • 15/ 2 = the quotient is an odd number = 1
  • 7 / 2 = the quotient is an odd number = 1
  • 3 / 2† = the quotient is an odd number = 1
  • 1 / 2 = the quotient is an even number = 1

The binary number obtained for decimal 120 is 1111000.

How to convert decimal to binary using Excel

Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet, both at a business and private level. With this Microsoft tool you can perform advanced calculations and visual representations with graphs.

To convert a decimal into binary with Excel you must use a specific formula: ?=DEC.A.BIN(A2)?, where A2 is the field where the decimal number to be converted to binary is found.

Decimal to binary automatically

It is much easier to use a free tool or website to calculate the decimal to binary conversion. On the website, the conversion can be done instantly, by entering the decimal number and pressing the Convert button.

We have seen a very simple and fast method to convert decimal to binary, dividing the decimal number by two and applying a 1 or a 0 depending on whether the quotient is odd or even.

What are decimal and binary numbers?

The binary system is the internal language that computers have, so people who work with them must know how to switch from decimal to binary correctly.

The decimal number system has 10 possible values, the numbers from 0 to 9, for each place value. In contrast, the binary number system, in base 2, has two possible values, represented by 0-1, for each place value.

Do you need to convert decimal values to binary values? Our free online tool can help with that. The converter does all the work for you!

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