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How to convert text to binary

When working with text variables in programming, it is often necessary to convert their value to binary. The process for converting a text string in any language (like English or Spanish) to binary is the reverse process of converting binary to text. It is necessary to consult the ASCII table of correspondence to be able to carry out the conversion.

To convert a text into a binary number, each digit in the text string needs to be identified. It is also necessary to have an ASCII table of equivalence between binary and decimal numbers, in order to assign the binary code to each character.

Finally, the characters obtained must be ordered to obtain the text corresponding to the binary number.

Text to binary example

Let's see some examples of how to convert text to binary:

To convert the text string "pencil? we look at the ASCII table for the corresponding value of each character and its equivalence in binary.

  • p = 112 = 01110000
  • e = 101 = 01100101
  • n = 110 = 01101110
  • c = 99 = 01100011
  • i = 105 = 01101001
  • l = 108 = 01101100

By ordering the characters we would have converted the text string "pencil" to binary:

01110000 01100101 01101110 01100011 01101001 01101100.

Keep in mind that an uppercase and lowercase character has a different value in the ASCII table. If we want to convert the same word to binary, but capitalized ("PENCIL"), the binary number varies.

  • P = 80 = 01010000
  • E = 69 = 01000101
  • N = 78 = 01001110
  • C = 67 = 01000011
  • I = 73 = 01001001
  • L = 76 = 01001100

The word "PENCIL" would become the binary number: 01010000 01000101 01001110 01000011 01001001 01001100.

The process to convert text to binary is simple and is based on the use of a conversion table such as ASCII or Unicode. The machines (computers and electronic devices) understand the binary language (0 and 1) so it is necessary to use an equivalence system to be able to communicate using human language. Converting text to binary and binary to text is useful for faster and easier programming of computers and other electronic devices.

IMPORTANT: Some web pages, like, offer free online tools to convert any text string into a binary number.

Text to Binary in programming

In programming it is common to convert between data types, such as converting text to binary or binary to text. Each programming language uses its methods to convert between data types and to do operations between them.

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